Solon a singer, singer/songwriter and record producer, born Øystein Sørensen, took the stage name Solon in 2001. 

In the early 1990s he began a period of experimentation, mixing different art forms dance, music and film. «Angel in the doorway» (1993). He moved to Amsterdam in 1994 and toured with soul/funk music and shows in the Netherlands and Germany. Moved to London i 1997 to finish a Master in Performance and Related studies at Goldsmiths University. 

He writes, records and produces in his own studio Double Lion Studio in the south of Norway. Release his music on his own label, Double Lion Music. The recording "Regnet in Buenos Aires" and his lates recording "Rich and Royal" where recorded in FJR Estudio de Grabacion - Granada(SP).

«It will still be there» 2003 (CD) 
«Regnet i Buenos Aires» 2017 (CD)
"Rich and Royal" 2023

«40 days» 2002 
«Vente på sola» 2012 in Norwegian 
«A good time to remember» 2014 
«Vinterpust» 2015 (Christmas song in Norwegian) 
«Bird on the wire» (2017) 
"Hold me" (2022)
"I Can´t Wait"(2023)

Feat. on  «Love bubble» on the album Mental Money(2000) by The Odd Toot.

The last 15 years he has written produced /co-produced a variety of mix-media performances (dance, film, music, animation) and concert shows. Among other things, a trilogy based on poems by Stein Mehren: "Hotel Memory" (2000), "Nattmaskin" (2004) Mottagelsen (2007) (Norwegian / Swedish cooperation).  "The Mic Masters" (2009)  "Regnet i  Buenos Aires" (2010) based on the poem collection with the same name, by Hanne Bramness. "Leonard Cohen -some kind of gipsy boy». (2017) Since 2005 he has worked with the music of Leonard Cohen in combination with flamenco, and developed the performance «Cohen and Flamenco».