1. Timeglass

From the recording Regnet i Buenos Aires

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Music: Øystein Sørensen
Lyric: Hanne Bramness

Solon - vocal

Terje Norum - piano, accordion, synth
Robert "Robi" Svärd - flamenco guitar, palmas.
Juan Masana - el- bass,
Miguel ”El Cheyenne» Rodriguez – Cajón
Liv Frengstad - cello

Music arr. Solon and band.
Cello and vocal arrangement Solon.

Produced by Solon.
Recorded 6-9 July 2017 in FJR Estudios de Grabación – Granada.
Cello and vocal recorded August 2017 in Double Lion Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Fernando Javier Romero, in FJR Estudios de Grabación Granada.

(C) 2017 Double Lion Music